The Vision of a Nation

I recently had an experience in which a Facebook post I made nearly went viral. I jumped to conclusions after my website became unsearchable and immediately pointed the finger toward media censorship. While this may or may not be the case, the fact is that I don't have all the facts. One man on the other end of the phone line confirming that my site had been flagged does not prove anything. For all I know, he could have just been pushing me off the phone. 

But of course it was something to believe and I certainly wouldn't put it past Donald Trump to be censoring media in his favor. So I decided to bitch about it on Facebook...

What I have uncovered in the last 36 hours is that people will take what they see on social media and spread it, both online and in reality. This spread of false truth and assumption is not conducive to creating a better environment for us to live. Social media can be censored by the companies who control the sites we visit and the apps we use. Social media can be completely made up by people who are more focused on interrupting the progress of other peoples lives than they are focused on becoming the best version of themselves. Social media can ruin relationships and create barriers between people. But, social media is also a blessing- a valuable tool that allows us to stay in touch with one another, to get to know each other, and to build creative and meaningful relationships with one another. It’s the way we use social media that is contributing to this massive battle we have happening in front of our eyes. 

The other form of media we have to raise awareness around is what we see in the news. Are we checking the credibility of sources? Are we investigating the truth of the facts that we are seeing and spreading? Who is being held accountable for the stories we see on television? Because televised news is no longer journalists doing investigative research, but rather the faces of people who gain our trust. Trust based around ratings and bottom line, instead of honesty and integrity. Media is such a useful tool for citizens when it is used properly and when the people building the following are working toward a common goal. That goal being exposure of stories that do not align with the best interest of the nation. 

The best interest of the nation is to allow life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to those who walk this land. We have so much fear around scarcity and insecurity, that we have lost sight of what our nation was built upon. Vision. One of America’s strongest archetypes is the visionary. Our founding fathers were visionaries, and they declared a Bill of Rights that contracted our nation to abide by certain virtues. When our ancestors first discovered this country, they deemed it a land in which anything is possible. Anything and everything. The sky was the limit. Their vision lead to the spread of the nation through the Louisiana Purchase, and the acquisition of the Mexican and Californian territory, and eventually Texas... because American’s imagined themselves that big. Then America began to envision industry, and for the first time in the world, people were born into a land in which anything truly was possible. People around the world began to imagine what life would be like if they had the freedom to chase their dreams. They imagined what they could achieve for their families. And eventually vision created the development of industry and eventually the rise of agriculture and big business, and now we are living in a time of internet and self driving cars, bi-products of inventions prior to our existence. 

Here we have fantastic wealth, and the technological possibility to make every person on earth the enjoyer of an independent income. But we can’t do it, because people think “where is the money going to come from” because they think that money brings prosperity, when in fact it is the other way around. When we work with our souls to develop our creativity and our vision, we are able to work in synergy and within the abundance that this planet is capable of providing us. Your soul yearns to be free, as our founding fathers intended. 

Our soul as a nation, and your soul as an individual, has been longing for freedom, prosperity, equality, and liberty for a very long time. It has now developed into a need so huge, that “he who must not be named” has gained power over our country and is shaking our very core. This is a dark shadow of extreme magnitude. We are seeing the darkest shadow side of America, and we are only seeing the big toe. Donald Trump is turning American citizens against one another, and is abolishing the integrity and vision that our beloved founding fathers endowed us. We will not survive if we do not acknowledge that each and every one of us plays a part in the future of the United States of America. It starts by turning your eyes inward, and investigating who is really in there, and what that spirit truly longs for. Peace, love, unity, respect, wealth, fulfillment, joy, happiness, abundance, ease. All possible, but it starts with a vision. 

Look inward people. Not at social media. Use social media as a platform to work together, to spread positivity and encouragement, and to give hope to each other that we can create a better life. A life without brutality, misogamy, racism, angry climates, or the fear of scarcity. We can have it all, but we have to work together. 

Be responsible with your news sources. Don’t add to the madness by spreading information that you maybe want to believe. If you are so desperate for something to believe in, believe in yourself. Believe that you can make a difference. Believe that by choosing to stand up for what is right and just, you are doing your part. And along the journey, treat your fellow citizens like brothers and sisters, no matter their walk of life, their history, or their current beliefs. Remember that your perspective is no better than anyone else, and by respecting and encouraging one another, we can change the world. 



Being Present

We hear the term “don’t forget to stop and smell the roses” more often than not. But what does that really mean? Think about it… when you stop to smell the roses, do you stop and really truly soak it all in? The light, feather like texture tickling the bottom of your nose? The sweet smell of it’s floral rose pedals? The sensation of a memory flooding through your mind of a flower given to you in thought? Even the sound of the birds chirping or the wind whisping by your ear… 


Maybe you stop and sniff the very edges of the entire rose bush, taking in the wonderful scent and the beauty, and then continuing about your regular thoughts and moving on with your day.


Maybe you don’t stop at all...


Or maybe you’re somewhere in between.