On being hungover

Nothing is worse than waking up at 7am dying of thirst, dizzily reaching for the glass of water that sits by your bed, but the glass isn't there. Then realizing you're about to face an entire day dedicated to feeling like shit. Here I am now, at 1:16 in the afternoon, lying in bed. The only thing I got up for was pho, which is THE best and only cure for a hangover. I swear there is magic in the broth. 

The nice thing about being hungover (although really there is nothing nice about it at all), is having an excuse to procrastinate and lie around all day, and if you're lucky, having people do things for you like bring you food. Saying "I can't, I'm too hungover" is better than actually being sick, because at least you were out having fun the night before. Hopefully. 

What am I doing with my life?

Do you ever just lie down and wonder..."What the fuck am I doing with my life?" Yeah, me too. In fact most days I wonder that. So I decided I'm going to write a blog. Everyone else is doing it, can't be that hard. 

(It's taken me a year to actually start)

But here I am, finally. Writing my first real post. I'm lying on my ridiculously comfortable bed, leaning up against 5 huge Anthropologie pillows, with only two star lamps and my pyramid shaped crystal lamp for lighting. My room is in the basement of a house in SE Portland, painted Forest Green with one wall creatively hand painted by moi. There is something about it that has really changed me since moving here from Seattle in September. I can just smoke weed, play some 8 Tracks, and enter reality. 

Katie, don't you mean escape reality?

No, I mean enter. This ritual of mine is where I have done the most growth and personal development ever. 

Ultimately, all I want in life is to be able to be myself, be creative, be loving, and let the universe take care of me. I believe that we choose our path, and as you become more in tune with yourself and what you truly want, you realize that you're not truly living until you are aligned. I don't ever want to work for somebody other than myself (aside from the bartending job I'm hoping to get while I'm working on this which I'm excited for), but really. I want to get paid to be creative, and to do things that make me happy, and to spread joy and encouragement to others. I am a very positive, optimistic person, but I still have a ton of personal battles to win before reaching that place. We all do. Once you recognize what yours are and start getting to work on yourself, you'll find that life starts to become easier and more enjoyable. 

I am hoping to share my journey with you as I move through it.  

xo BossKatie