Ever since I was little I wanted to change the world. I remember being a young girl, laying in the bottom half of a bunk bed staring at the wall and wondering what it would be like to make a difference. Losing sight of this through adolecense, as we all do, I spent several years in a dark hole of “I’m not good enough” and “I want to be more like that person.” But even through this, I’ve always known in the corners of my mind that none of this was true. My mother always encouraged me to be my creative, authentic self and she always believed that I could accomplish anything. So even through the darkest of times, I knew the truth… that what I was currently experiencing was not the way life had to be. The hurt and the pain, to the deepest depths, could be turned into love and fulfillment. 

I fixated on this voice for years, nurturing and encouraging it to hold more and more power within. I chipped away at myself, down to the very fiber of my being, to understand exactly who I am, what I want, what I believe in, and how I want to live. I wanted to break away from the chains and be free, and while still a work in progress, I am making progress. 

What I’ve discovered is that we are all creative beings. We were planted here on earth to create, grow, nurture, and love. It is so easy to lose sight of this when we are wrapped up in laws and our current societal and economic state. So many of us try to fit into a mold created for us by others. You must be thin to be beautiful. You must work endlessly and save for the future. You can’t wear that, you look like a fool. 

You know what I say? Fuck that.

It’s time we start to realize that our time on this planet we call Earth is to be spent living true to the heart. To live free of judgement and constraint, and to embrace the beautiful gift of life we were blessed with. We should be allowed to express ourselves creatively and openly without fear of being shamed. I try not to let it infuriate me that some humans believe they are better than others because they are white or straight or tall or “beautiful” by industry standards. I don’t care if you are white, black, indian, gay, straight, trans, whatever… I believe we all have the right to live by our spirit and spirit knows no race or gender. Spirit it pure loving energy emerged into this human body to have an experience by which to grow and live truly. We are not human for the sake of being human. To be born, get an education, work our entire lives, and then die. No. We are sent here to grow spiritually and seek our personal enlightenment. As energetic, spiritual beings, our duty here on earth is to find our purpose, battle our demons, and express ourselves creatively. We are here to love one another without condition, because love, in the words of Benni Benassi, is gonna save us. 

I started this blog as a way to express myself creatively and to have my voice heard. I have been blessed with the gift of inspiration and I believe I have something to say. And even if not one soul reads anything I write, I will still pursue this because it is helping me grow and develop into the person I want to become. I get the most amazing feeling when I see the people I love succeeding. I am surrounded by creative individuals who are passionate and driven and are taking control of their lives. Passion is love, and the more you surround yourself with love the more passionate you become. What I love the most about my life is the constant inspiration coming and going. Allowing yourself to gain inspiration from everything around you can bring about some really beautiful things and honest freedom. We are all creative beings, let's embrace that. 

I am excited to share the things that inspire me here, and to have a creative outlet for myself that encourages growth, realness, passion and excitement. I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and perhaps feel inspired too 😉