As I close my eyes, I begin to drift off to another time. Standing in a field of Sunflowers, wearing a white t shirt and jeans, sun beaming down on my face. It’s quiet, and the winds are soft-spoken. 

This is where I belong. 

It is a privilege to live in daydreams and fantasies. Uninhibited, untainted… with the entire world in the palm of your hand. Like anything is possible. Because anything really is possible, if you believe it to be true. 

Take me back to age 7. The carefree girl who loved everyone, and smiled as soon as her eyes opened every morning. The girl who jumped out of bed, picked out a cute outfit, and ran out the door to find adventure. She who wandered around the neighborhood, playing in the sun, picking up bugs, and creating forts out of sticks and stones. The girl who knew nothing other than how to play, and how to love. Back then, there was no worry of paying rent or finding a “big girl job” and there certainly wasn’t any fear of judgment. Because back then we were all kids, just playing.  

Now I am older. I am wiser. I have loved and lost. I’ve seen darkness and light. I’ve uncovered the truth about life here on Earth and what it means to be a human. And I believe I have daydreams to thank.

When you sit back and close your eyes, what do you see? Many of us can’t even bear the thought of being alone with our mind… we fear time will pass us by, and time is money. Time is valuable. 

But the truth is, the majority of people on this planet are not living the life they deserve. We’ve grown into a society clouded by judgment and self doubt. We allow the views of others to dictate our worth and determine our self esteem. We’ve become so wrapped up in the vision of “success” that was developed by our ancestors, that we’ve forgotten how to even ask ourselves the very simple question of “what makes me happy?”

But it’s never too late. It all starts with a dream. A lovely daydream that takes you to a safe space where you can simply just be you. Where you can run and play and be wild and free. And once you’ve found that place, the rest of the world doesn’t seem so bad. The process, of course, is one of many trenches and demons. You must be willing to fight for your freedom. You have to stare into the depths of darkness and welcome the pain and fear that will inevitably find you. The only way to truly know the light is to seek it when you are scared and alone. But continue to seek, and one day you will find it. You will see a tiny sliver of light, and then it will go away. And then you will find a bit more, and that too will be taken away. But you keep pressing on, chasing the light as it grows stronger and brighter every time. Eventually, you will begin to feel it. 

It’s warm. Mmmm, oh so warm. This is love; pure, untainted and unconditional. 

This is home. 
You’re free.