My name is Katie,
And I love you.

All I want to do is to just be me, and get everything I want out of life. That means embracing all sides. That means listening to my body and my intuition. I want to dance and express myself physically, spiritually, sexually and emotionally. I want to show the world who I am and show everyone how they can achieve their dreams. I want to grow financially through creativity. I want to learn how to balance love and my relationships. I want to become a role model; an inspiration by following my dreams. I want to travel the world and get paid to write about festival culture, and encourage collective consciousness across the globe. I want to do what I love, whatever that may be at the time. My time here is precious and I refuse to waste any of it feeling insecure, afraid, jealous or dealing with addiction. Why take away from my potential? 


What does it mean to “live life to it’s fullest?” Is it shotgunning the most beers in college? Is it making sure you check extreme sports off of your bucket list? Is it to make partner at your firm? Or does it mean living every moment as your last, and rejoicing in the abundance of your surroundings? We get so muddled in our daily life and our overactive ego that we forget our true purpose here on Earth... to live life true to your heart. Your heart is kind. Your heart is giving. Your heart is yearning for you to take care of it, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


I want to get to know you. I want us to create something special, and lift each other up. Let’s use our beautiful minds to create a better life. Not just for ourselves, but for humanity and the generations to come. We can let this planet get destroyed, or we can heal it through our actions and our words. It starts with each and every one of us, living our own truth.